Top Cherry Picker Manufacturers

Some of the top names in cherry picker manufacturing are known for their long-standing reputation as quality leaders in the equipment world. These brands are successful due to their dedication and innovation within the aerial lift industry. Additionally, due to their popularity, the brands are also widely available from equipment rental locations. highlights what each of these companies bring to the world of aerial working platform manufacturing.


With over thirty years as a leading manufacturer of aerial equipment, Skyjack has a handle on cherry picker production. As the company continues to expand its sales network across the United States, it also maintains rank as a supporter of community outreach programs, such as Jobs for Veterans which helps vets make the transition into a long-standing career. Some of the notable cherry pickers manufactured by Skyjack include the:

  • Skyjack SJ82 T – With the ability to extend 72 and one-half feet horizontally, this telescoping cherry picker fills a specific need in the construction and utility industries. The SJ82 T features a 72 HP diesel engine, a 45 percent gradeability, and maximum vertical height of 82 feet.
  • Skyjack SJ46 AJ – This model is an articulating cherry picker which helps the user to navigate around obstacles such as cables and trees. This model has an up and over height of 24.5 feet—features include a turret rotation of 360 degrees, a 30" x 72" platform, and a vertical working height of more than 52 feet.
  • Skyjack SJ66 T – The four wheel drive on the SJ66 T allows the controller to navigate over rough terrain. With a platform height of 61 feet and a horizontal reach of more than 51 feet, the SJ66 T gets the job done, no matter the existing site conditions.


Niftylift knows environmental concerns are important to today's customer. With a focus on producing cherry pickers that meet the demands of the industry while also producing equipment that has a smaller environmental footprint, Niftylift is breaking ground in an arena where bigger, better, and faster has typically been the motto. Check out a couple of Niftylift's novel concepts:

  • Niftylift SP85 – Powered by Hybrid technology, the SP85 is a zero emissions machine when in electric only mode. Used in Hybrid mode, the cherry picker consumes half as much fuel as other like-size machines. The SP85 has a working height of 92 feet and a horizontal outreach of 62 feet.
  • Niftylift SP64 – The SP64 also uses the Hybrid system, but additionally features all-wheel drive. The cherry picker is much lighter and narrower than its competitors, but is still able to work at heights of more than 61 feet. Reach on this model is 41' 4" horizontally.


Genie, a division of the Terex Corporation, is dedicated to precision and quality. Offering available features on the line of cherry pickers such as SmartLink™ Control System and minimal or zero tail swing shows that Genie understands the needs of the customer. Some of the models from Genie that receive accolades include the:

  • Genie S 40™ Trax – This model features the ability to move over delicate terrain without causing the damage of wheeled models. The S 40™ Trax has a working height of 41 feet and a horizontal working outreach of nearly 32 feet.
  • Genie Z™ 30/20 – This neat cherry picker has the ability to navigate in extremely tight spaces. Even though it boasts a working height of 36 feet, the body of this cherry picker measures an impressively slim 47 inches—perfect for interior work.
  • Genie Z™ 60/34 – This articulating cherry picker from Genie has an up and over height of 27 feet, allowing the operator to use precise navigational controlling to obtain just the right working location. The ground clearance of 14 inches in addition to the four-wheel drive allows this cherry picker to successfully maneuver bumpy job sites. This model has a 66' vertical working height and a 36' reach.


JLG, a division of the Oshkosh Truck Company, produces an entire line of people movers and material handlers for an array of industries. One thing that JLG prides itself on is the ability to implement novel ideas. This shows in JLG's line of cherry pickers:

  • JLG 1850SJ – With the production of the 1850SJ, JLG was able to provide a cherry picker that reaches heights of 150 feet; not only that, JLG did it without the typical oversized load permit requirement that is often standard on a machine with this capability.
  • JLG 800A – The 800A reaches the full 80' working height in only fifty seconds . The cherry picker features the ability to use JLG's Workstation in the Sky® add-ons for increased versatility.


Haulotte Group, as the third largest manufacturer of people moving and material handling products, is devoted to unsurpassed excellence. The Haulotte Group continues to add features and further improve upon its line of cherry pickers to meet the needs of the customer base. Some of Haulotte Group's more recent additions to the line include:

  • Haulotte HB 135 – Haulotte's HB135 has a hydrostatic transmission and ergonomic platform which allows for comfortable operation of this articulated cherry picker. The HB 135 attains a working height of 145' and a 65' horizontal reach.
  • Haulotte HA 46 RTJ O – With a tighter turning ratio, exceptional control, and a lift speed of only forty seconds, the HA 46 RTJO articulating cherry picker is built for industry professionals. This cherry picker lifts up to nearly 52 feet, and extends out to over 27 feet. It also has an up and over reach of 25 feet.


Snorkel, a manufacturer of telescopic and articulated cherry pickers, focuses on simplicity combined with the ability to withstand even the toughest job sites. The ease of operation found with Snorkel's line of lifts also means simple serviceability. Some of Snorkel's line, from large to small:

  • Snorkel TB126J – This electric cherry picker has an optional “extreme cold weather package" for the harsher environments. The telescopic boom reaches a working height of 132 feet with an outreach of nearly 63 horizontal feet.
  • Snorkel AB80J – An articulating cherry picker from Snorkel, the AB80J has not only four wheel drive but also four wheel steering, which allows the operator to navigate into the small spaces with ease. Max working height on this machine is 85' 11" and the outreach extends to 59' 5".
  • Snorkel MB20J – This electric cherry picker from Snorkel operates on a smaller scale. An overall width of only 31" means the boom is just the right size for indoor applications. Working height extends to 26 feet, while horizontal reach maxes out at 8' 6".

The top cherry picker manufacturers discussed at produce top-notch machines built to withstand rough work sites, changing project dynamics, and an increased workload. As with other machinery lines, the world of cherry pickers will continue to grow as technology solutions continue to advance.

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