Cherry Picker Rental Prices

A cherry picker is also referred to as a boom truck, a bucket lift, or any combination of those terms—depending on which area of the country you originate from. Cherry pickers were initially used by orchard employees to remove fruit from high atop cherry and apple trees. The machines are still in use for that purpose today; however, they are also utilized by landscaping companies, utility servicers, construction firms, maintenance personnel, and a huge array of other service providers.The upfront and maintenance costs associated with a cherry picker purchase can be prohibitive; therefore, many businesses feel that renting a cherry picker is a better option than buying. brings you all of the information you need to choose the cherry picker rental that best suits your project requirements.

What Are Cherry Pickers?

Used as a means of hoisting both people and materials to aerial working heights, cherry pickers are a mobile alternative to scaffolding and ladders. A cherry picker has a towable or motorized counter-weighted base attached to wheels or tracks. This base is either towable, or powered by a motor. The boom (also referred to as an arm or a stick) extends out from the base. At the top of the boom is a bucket or working platform, which can be raised or lowered as needed.

Types of Cherry Pickers

Cherry pickers are available in straight or articulating varieties. Straight cherry pickers use a telescoping system to extend the boom up or out to reach desired working areas. Articulating cherry pickers have several knuckles operated by individual hydraulic cylinders; this allows the boom to rise up and over obstacles. Each variety of cherry picker is manufactured in a wide assortment of sizes to suit small, medium, and even very large jobs. Choose the cherry picker rental you need based on your intended application.

Choosing the Right Cherry Picker

An overview of the scope of work you can expect to accomplish with each type of boom lift can help you choose the cherry picker that will work best for your project.

Straight Cherry Pickers

Straight boom lifts have many uses. Thanks to an outstanding horizontal reach, this type of cherry picker is the preferred equipment type for areas where space and maneuverability are limited. Telescopic booms also have less tail swing than the articulating version, furthering the benefit for work in a confined space. Use straight cherry pickers to:

  • Complete maintenance work in industrial settings
  • Repair silos and farm buildings
  • Clean windows on commercial buildings
  • Perform exterior painting projects

Articulating Cherry Pickers

The articulating cherry picker is versatile due to the individually operated knuckles on the boom. Because the knuckles can each be positioned as needed, an articulated boom is able to lift a worker to places where straight booms or scissor lifts cannot go. Use articulated cherry pickers to:

  • Work at great heights without disturbing landscaping below the working area
  • Accomplish construction work within existing stick or steel framing
  • Maneuver between cables and wiring for utility repairs
  • Navigate between high branches for removal or pruning of tree canopies

Rental Rates for a Cherry Picker

Cherry picker rental prices are determined based on the length of rental, the size and type of cherry picker, and the rental location. Rental companies are responsible for setting the rental rate, and these prices are not standardized throughout the rental industry. helps you compare average cherry picker rental rates by equipment size to find the lift that fits your project needs as well as your budget.

TypeWorking HeightDailyWeeklyMonthly
Nifty SP34N, Telescoping, 2WD 34 ft $271 $813 $2026
Titan 460SJ, Telescoping, 4WD 40 ft $296 $888 $2220
Nifty SD50, Telescoping, 4WD 50 ft $354 $1062 $2624
JLG 600S, Articulating, 4WD 60 ft $406 $1218 $3041
Titan 960SJ, Articulating, 2WD 80 ft $676 $2028 $5070
Genie 100S, Telescoping, 4WD 100 ft $837 $2511 $6372
JLG 1200 SJP, Telescoping, 4WD 120 ft $1032 $3096 $7692
Genie 125S, Articulating, 4WD 125 ft $1561 $4683 $11686

Renting a cherry picker can save your company time on work sites by eliminating the need to set up complicated scaffolding systems and manually haul materials via ladders. By increasing job site productivity, your company can wrap up projects sooner and move on to the next site. helps you find the cherry picker rental you need for your next project.

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