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Common Uses for Cherry Pickers

Cherry pickers are used for both indoor and outdoor projects. Cherry pickers are available in electric, diesel, hybrid, and even battery-operated varieties. The operator of the cherry picker is lifted to the desired working height by means of either telescopic or articulated booms which are powered by hydraulic systems. Versatility is a leading factor in choosing a cherry picker over other forms of equipment.

Top 13 Frequent Uses for a Cherry Picker

While a cherry picker can virtually be used for any application where working heights exist in the 8 to 160 foot range, there are many industries that regularly utilize the convenience of cherry pickers. brings you the thirteen most common uses for a cherry picker:

  • Exterior Painting – Most painting jobs are accomplished with scaffolding or ladders. Projects with high working conditions, or those that have ground obstacles, are easily accomplished with an articulating cherry picker. The knuckles of the machine allow the painter to position himself as needed to complete the job.
  • Window Washing – Window washing might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to aerial work platforms. Cherry pickers help window washing companies by raising workers to individual windows quickly, even when a building has expansion joints or signage which would prohibit work done on traditional suspension scaffolding.
  • EIFS and Stucco Application – Professionals in the walls and ceilings industry understand that an aerial working platform can be a complete back-saver when it comes to height work. EIFS and stucco work involves the use of very heavy material. The ability to use a hydraulic lift to reach needed heights saves time and decreases the chance of injury since the employees will not have to heft buckets of material up the steps of a ladder.
  • Utility Work – Line workers often use cherry pickers when cable, telephone, or electrical lines need to be serviced. The cherry picker propels the worker to the proper location quickly. Articulating cherry pickers also help line workers navigate between overhead obstacles.
  • Sports and Stadium Filming – Concerts, football games and other types of entertainment take place over a large area of ground. Camera operators use cherry pictures to get optimal overhead angles for filming televised events.
  • Tree Trimming – Tree care companies regularly use cherry pickers to trim and top trees. A cherry picker enables the worker to reach nearly any area on the tree that needs to be addressed.
  • Roofing or Gutter Repairs – Most residential roofs and gutter systems can be repaired with the help of a ladder or scaffolding. Larger homes and commercial buildings, however, require equipment that can safely reach higher areas. Additionally, these areas often require repair without any disturbance to the vicinity below (such as when elaborate and expensive landscaping would otherwise be ruined by equipment set on the ground). The ability of a cherry picker to maneuver around obstacles allows the repair to be completed successfully.
  • Orchard Harvesting – Cherry pickers are still used for—you’ve got it—picking cherries. They are also used for harvesting nuts and other types of fruit.
  • Motion Picture Production – A cherry picker is often seen on a movie set. The cherry pickers are used for lighting work, stage setting, and filming.
  • Rescue Work – Firemen use cherry pickers, although in this type of work, the boom is typically mounted directly to the fire truck.
  • Bricklaying – Booms with platform working areas are utilized by bricklayers, both for the installation and repair of brickwork.
  • Industrial Maintenance – Cherry pickers are used for indoor and outdoor industrial maintenance such as changing light bulbs and making building repairs.
  • Farm Work – Silos, grain elevators, and large barns all require regular maintenance but the height of the structures can be prohibitive to stationary elevation equipment. Using an unstable ladder on mucky farm land can be dangerous. A cherry picker allows people and materials to quickly propel to the working height so the needed repair can be completed.

Unexpected Use of a Cherry Picker

Cherry pickers are not always used by businesses in the servicing or production industries. One of the widely known about, but more uncommon, uses of a cherry picker happened in London during 2012. As part of an entertainment performance project, London’s statutes were adorned with headwear. Hats with feathers and jewels in an array of colors and shapes donned cement sculptures in the name of art. Cherry pickers were used to assist working in getting the hats to the top of each statue during the initiative.

Why Renting a Cherry Picker Could Save You Money

Whether you are repairing a leaky gutter or getting ready for the harvest season, renting a cherry picker is an affordable way for your company to increase productivity. When your employees would otherwise need to dedicate man hours to setting up complicated scaffolding, or use unsteady ladders to reach high elevations, a cherry picker allows your crew to quickly get to work. The mobility of a cherry picker also means workers can swiftly move on to the next section of the project.

Cherry picker rental rates are affordable and, in comparison to the money spent on set up and take down time, the cherry picker rental will pay for itself in saved labor hours. Rental rates vary widely based on both the size of the cherry picker and the length of rental.

Choose the Right Cherry Picker Rental for Your Business

When renting a cherry picker, the most important determining factor is the maximum working height you need to obtain. Also, keep in mind that for indoor applications you will want to rent an electric or battery-powered cherry picker. In some cases, such as when existing landscaping presents an obstacle, horizontal reach is also important as the cherry picker can be parked at a distance and the boom extended over areas that cannot be disturbed.

Comparing Cherry Picker Rental Rates Based on Intended Use

Residential Painting 34’ $178 $526 $1312
Tree Trimming 45’ $246 $762 $1756
Electrical Line Maintenance 66’ $347 $942 $2430
Commercial Building Repair 86’ $726 $2019 $6027
Industrial Applications 120’ $979 $3140 $8909

If you think a cherry picker could save your business time and money, you are probably correct. The time saved on site preparation could be reallocated to production, and all businesses understand production is where the money is. provides information on cherry picker rentals to help your business become even more productive and successful.

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